Secretary General of the South African Communist Party (SACP) Blade Nzimande is seen closing the 4th Special National Congress at the Destiny Convention Centre, Ekurhuleni. Picture: Nhlanhla Phillips/African News Agency(ANA).

Kimberley - The SACP has renewed its call for the reconfiguration of the tripartite alliance.

In a message sent late Wednesday afternoon, the communists said its alliance with the ANC dates back to the late 1920s following the adoption of the historic resolution on the South African question by the Communist International in the second half of 1928. 

It added that since then they dedicated their joint efforts to build the alliance as an active expression of unity against colonial oppression and imperialist domination and the ANC played a leading role in the liberation Struggle.

It then touched the thorny issue of reconfiguring the alliance, which is seen by some nationalists within the ANC as an attempt by the communists to have greater say in deployments and decision making without independently contesting elections. 

“The SACP reaffirms its commitment to our principled and programmatic unity and therefore to the alliance as well as its reconfiguration process across the board – that is, at all levels. 

"Our shared objective for the reconfiguration is to deepen the alliance’s strategic relevance both in theory and practice, thus move with the times, and rebuild our movement as a whole towards completing the course of liberation, achieving social emancipation and securing collective prosperity with and for our people,” the communist party said in its message. 

It later lauded the ruling party for its success since it took power 25 years ago, but said more still needed to be done.

“We are currently in the midst of high rates of inequality, poverty and unemployment. At present, unemployment affects 10.3 million active and discouraged work seekers. All these problems are the direct results of the legacy of colonialism and apartheid. 

"Their material basis and daily reproduction are however firmly anchored in the system of capitalism and its endemic crisis. As if that were not enough, state capture and other forms of corruption have become a serious threat to our democratic dispensation and national development. Associated with the problem is the malady of factionalism. To overcome these problems, we must go to the root, rather than merely focus on the effects.”

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