Cape Town - The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) on Monday said it would investigate racial slurs recently made on social media sites.

“The South African Human Rights Commission has noted with serious concern the alleged racist comments attributed to some people on social media,” said Commission spokesperson Isaac Mangena.

SAHRC would look into comments made by former Jawitz Properties realtor Penny Sparrow, Standard Bank economist Chris Hart, and fitness enthusiast Justin van Vuuren.

Investigations into these remarks had been launched but, said Mangena, formal complaints could still be laid by those who felt aggrieved.

On Sunday, Sparrow - also a member of the Democratic Alliance - became the object of outrage on social media when she referred to black South Africans on a Durban beach as “monkeys” who littered and caused trouble.

Also commenting on black South Africans using Durban beaches was Van Vuuren who posted on Facebook: “These [people] are destroying the beach! Go back… to where you came from and take your 13 kids with you… I recommend we make our promenade private! It shouldn’t be enjoyed by the scum of the nation!”

Hart, frequently used for expert opinion by various news organisations, tweeted: “More than 25 years after Apartheid ended, the victims are increasing along with a sense of entitlement and hatred towards minorities.”

Standard Bank has promised to pursue the relevant disciplinary procedure in regards to Hart’s tweet while the DA have already laid a criminal charge against Sparrow and will review her membership. Jawitz has distanced itself from Sparrow and stated it would pursue any action necessary.