140617 - Plein Street Cape Town - Adult Word was opened last week Tuesday opposite Parliament in Plein Street. PICTURE NICO VAN BLERK

Cape Town - Business is booming for the newly opened sex shop in Plein Street near Parliament, despite relentless objections from ANC members in government.

The Adult World store opened for business last Thursday. It sells sex toys, accessories and porn.

Adult World group’s spokesman Sean Newman said since the opening: “It’s business and expansion as usual.

“People are coming in and tweeting pictures of themselves at the store. It must be noted that people are not shy to show off their sexuality; it’s a normal thing.”

Last month, ANC caucus spokesman Moloto Mothapo issued a statement objecting to the opening of the store. He said the party planned to ask Parliament to find out whether it was lawful to have “such a store trading right in front of the institution”.

But when the Cape Argus asked Mothapo to comment, he said the matter was being handled by the Film and Publications Board.

This is not the first time the ANC has gone head to head with Adult World.

In 2004, Adult World attempted to set up shop at the same spot but was shut by the Film and Publications Board following a campaign spearheaded by former ANC MP Patrick Chauke.

Chauke said the shop’s existence on Parliament’s doorstep “undermined” the country’s democracy.

But Newman said the ANC was undermining the constitution.

“Pre-1994 we were told what we could and could not do. Today people have freedom… and South Africans are not told what to do .

“No one can see inside the store unless they go inside the shop.”

Newman said Adult World had not heard from the ANC or its lawyers.

“Should they wish to limit the constitution we’d welcome it. Let it go to court. We are licensed to trade.”

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