Former Gauteng Premier Tokyo Sexwale. Picture: Kuben Chetty/IOL

Johannesburg - Former Gauteng Premier Tokyo Sexwale on Saturday said he was very concerned that the elective conference goes well. 

Speaking on the sidelines of the ANC's conference at the Nasrec Expo Centre, Sexwale said he had attended many conferences - from the time of Oliver Tambo being on the ANC NEC. Sexwale was not dressed in ANC regalia, instead choosing to wear a plain white shirt.

"I am not on the NEC because we were defeated at Mangaung."

The conference has been overshadowed by recent court judgments, notably against the Free State and KwaZulu-Natal leaderships.

"What is important is the significance of these court cases," Sexwale said.

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"Corruption that you speak about at SOE's like Transnet or SAA, corruption in government from the president's office right down to minister's and Premiers and over the last five years people have been talking about corruption.

"Before you can corrupt the SOE, you must corrupt the ANC. We are seeing now the result of corrupted processes, procedures and systems of the ANC itself."

Sexwale said if branches were disgruntled as a result of corruption then they will go to the courts.

"People are questioning that which is corrupt during the process to come here."

Sexwale said he wants to believe that ANC members may find one another and he was hoping that sanity would prevail so that policy discussions could take place.

"I hope those who are elected remind themselves that we are not bosses of the people but servants of the people."

On President Jacob Zuma's announcement this morning that there would be free higher education for poor and working class South African students.

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"This country is not doing very well because the economy is not performing to the extent that SARS can collect enough revenue. I hope the president is right but it is important that whoever is elected must remember you are elected for the people."

"The ANC will fail dismally if it thinks it can run based on the views of one person."