SA President Jacob Zuma resigns during a televised address late on Wednesday night. PHOTO: Jonisayi Maromo/ANA

CAPE TOWN - Trade union Solidarity on Thursday said former South African president Jacob Zuma’s legacy is that of a natural disaster and that he had caused the country almost irreparable damage.

“In the eyes of the international world, South Africa fell from being the world’s darling to a polecat state as a result of Jacob Zuma’s foreign policy. Under his leadership, the South African government smuggled Omar al-Bashir out of the country instead of arresting him. This must be the most unadulterated sign of how low South Africa fell in international esteem,” Solidarity Research Institute (SRI) Head Connie Mulder said in a statement.

Former president Zuma announced his resignation with immediate effect on Wednesday night following pressure from opposition parties and civil society that had led to the ANC's decision to recall and shove him towards an early exit.

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African News Agency/ANA