PAC leader Philip Kgosana led a march against pass laws in Cape Town in the 1960s. File picture: Thobile Mathonsi
Pretoria – President Jacob Zuma has declared a special provincial official funeral for Pan Africanist Congress stalwart, freedom fighter, and former Tshwane metropolitan municipality councillor Phillip Ata Kgosana, who died on April 19, the presidency said on Sunday.

Zuma again extended his heartfelt condolences to the Kgosana family and the PAC. Kgosana led more than 30 000 anti-pass laws protestors from Langa, Cape Town in a march to the apartheid parliament in the 1960s.

He devoted his entire life to the liberation struggle and served in various leadership roles in the PAC while studying at the University of Cape Town.

After the banning of political organisations Kgosana fled to Ethiopia where he continued his PAC activities while also completing his studies.

On his return from exile he served the PAC and remained in the service of the people until his death.

The details of the funeral would be released by the Gauteng government, the presidency said.