Speculation mounts over eThekwini councillors quitting to force by-elections to favour MK

Published Jun 13, 2024


More than 30 councillors in eThekwini are expected to quit as the aftershocks of the ANC's election defeat begin to be felt.

"They are waiting to see which parties govern KwaZulu-Natal, but negotiations have already started. Councillors want to save their jobs, that is the most important issue for them.

“So many are speaking to uMkhonto weSizwe Party (MK) because they won in this province. By quitting, they will force a by-election and allow MK to come in," a senior eThekwini source told IOL.

But, its not only eThekwini. Councillors across the province are expected to quit and change political allegiance as the tsunami of the political dynamics shake up the province. By Friday, KZN will know which parties will govern.

The IFP has already played its cards, preferring an ANC/DA/NFP coalition in KZN. But there's still MK which commands over 45% of support in a province where its leader, former president Jacob Zuma still wields powerful influence.

"They cannot ignore MK in KZN. It won't be allowed. There will be war if they do. Already many are very upset the IFP is going with the DA so that in itself is triggering councillors," added the source.

Another eThekwini source agreed, saying the discontent is brewing. "Many in the ANC won't forgive this coalition with the DA. Some even don't want an IFP coalition. Leaving out the MK is not going to go down well," added the source.

As the ANC begins to smoke out those it suspects of colluding with MK and other parties, it recalled eThekwini Mayor Mxolisi Kaunda overnight. This was welcomed by political parties and many within the municipality.

Another senior ANC insider expressed shock at the developments in the province. "What's happening right now, nobody expected. I have been an ANC leader all my life. I never expected them to go with IFP or DA. How, shame, the way they are treating the old man (Zuma), it's not fair," said the leader.

The next 24 hours is what counts. And then, the political chips will fall, paving the way for what happens next in KZN.