Justice Raymond Zondo File photo: INLSA

Johannesburg - The Commission of Inquiry into State Capture will start its first hearings in August. 

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, the chairperson of the commission, said the inquiry's legal team had already identified certain witnesses whose evidence could be heard in August. 

Zondo said there might be an adjournment of the commission after the first round of hearings, but the legal team will be hard at work.  

The commission was meant to submit a report to the president within 18 months, but Zondo admits that it might be impossible to do the work in that time and commission could sit for 2 years. 

"We did an assessment and we think that we should be able to be done in 18 months but it could take up to 2 years. But that could change depending on what happens. We have to make a realistic assessment and it may well be that as the investigation goes on we may find that there may be more time than that," said the chairperson. 

 "Some of the witnesses that have been identified to give evidence their lawyers have contacted and they are cooperating." He said the commission had not been approached by individuals seeking to be called to testify.

Zondo said the commission had identified investigators with various expertise and skills. 

“We have been in touch with the Treasury, public enterprises and Parliament. We received records from the Public Protector and that information is being studied and once they are done we will have a clear view of the record. The records from Parliament have also been submitted but studied yet.”

Members of the public have been invited to make submissions to the commission. The public submissions will be gazetted next week and those that have information or evidence related to the inquiry should make submissions. 

The inquiry has acquired offices in Parktown, Joburg. The commission can be contacted at sastatecapture.org.za  and telephone number: 010 214 0651

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