Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi. Screengrab

Johannesburg - The Zondo commission has heard that Parliament’s House Chairperson Cedric Frolick received R40 000 in cash bribes from Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson. 

Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi told the commission on Friday that he had witnessed on two occasions Frolick being handed a security bag filled with money. 

Frolick is the latest ANC politician to be implicated in Agrizzi’s explosive evidence. 

The former right-hand man for Watson now turned whistleblower, told the commission that around 2010 Watson had become concerned about the public reports about Bosasa. 

In an effort to change public perception, Watson wooed Frolick in an attempt to get closer to former correctional services committee chair Vincent Smith. 

Smith at the time was against Bosasa and thought very little of the company which was accused of corrupt dealings following the conclusion of the Special Investigative Unit’s report into the company. 

Agrizzi said he was introduced to Frolick through Cheeky “Dan” Watson, a brother of Gavin Watson. 

He said Waston had planned to use Frolick to get closer to Smith and the pair had meetings together. In one of the meetings, Agrizzi said he saw Watson slip a security bag in Frolick’s pocket. He said he knew that Watson had just given Frolick money, as he was used to how bribery money was distributed by the company. 

Agrizzi said after they left the meeting, Watson said they should make sure that they have R40 000 a month for Frolick. 

“Watson said do not worry about it he (Frolick) is 100% on board. He said he (Frolick) dealt with the family for years and he dealt with Cheeky. I remember standing outside as he (Frolick) was waiting to be picked up. Watson said every month we have to arrange R40 000 and it must be delivered to Cedric Frolick. This was going to be a standard arrangement where Gavin Watson would take it with him when he goes to PE or he would give it to his brother,” said Agrizzi. 

On another occasion, Agrizzi flew down to Port Elizabeth to meet with Cheeky Watson and carried a bag of cash. The two had a meeting and were later joined by Frolick, who was handed the bag of cash by Cheeky Watson when he left. 

Frolick later attempted to broker a meeting for Watson with Smith. Agrizzi travelled down to Cape Town with Gibson Njenje. Frolick met them at the gates of Parliament and led them into a meeting room. Agrizzi said he had all of Bosasa’s documents and booklets in order to try and show Smith what the company was about. 

He said when Smith walked in he was surprised to see Agrizzi and it seemed like he was unaware what the meeting was about. Smith chatted for a short while and abruptly left and said he had a meeting. 

Agrizzi said the meeting was unsuccessful and a waste of money. 

Frolick also benefited as Bosasa paid for his stay at the City Lodge hotel which cost about R2700. 

Smith would later change his stance towards Bosasa as he eventually accepted security upgrades to his home which were funded by the company. He denied the accusations and said that he had asked for a loan from Bosasa. 

The inquiry continues.