Former president Jacob Zuma. Picture: Rogan Ward/Reuters/African News Agency (ANA) Archives

Johannesburg - Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan says former president Jacob Zuma misled the executive on many occasions during his presidency. 

Gordhan was concluding his testimony at the state capture inquiry, which is being chaired by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, on Wednesday. 

When the chairperson asked who had misled the executive, Gordhan replied that Zuma had done so on many matters - including the nuclear deal. 

"The president, by asking us to look at intervention into the relationship between the banks and their clients and pushing the nuclear deal. This comes back to the hypothesis of state capture, allowing for particular types of boards in SOEs to be established. Putting in place particular ministers. All that, when you look at it with perspective, one sees that there was a scheme at play, designed by somebody," said Gordhan. 

The minister said there was a need to introspect on the effects of patronage and the damage caused by state capture. 

"Politics, governance and patronage go together. The question is how do we use the powers and authority that we have to dispense patronage in the least harmful way to the people concerned. It is important to have a well-informed and active citizenry," he said. 

Gordhan also said the government was in a process of "recapturing" the state. 

The inquiry continues.