Frans Vorster is a former director at Bosasa. Picture: Screengrab from live video feed
Johannesburg - Another Bosasa whistle-blower has detailed how Patrick Gillingham traded favours with Bosasa in exchange for expensive vehicles for his wife and children.

Frans Vorster, a former director at Bosasa, told the Zondo commission of Gillingham's long history of corrupt activity with Bosasa which went on for many years.

Vorster said Gillingham had had a close relationship with his father and in turn would eventually grow closer to him.

At the time, Gillingham was the provincial commissioner for correctional services. He was later appointed as a chief financial officer at the correctional services department.

Vorster said he was asked by Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson to meet with Gillingham as Bosasa was interested in procuring a kitchen tender with the department of correctional services.
In some of his meetings with Gillingham, Vorster said he was told to collect money from Watson's office. He said he would carry the cash in an envelope and deliver it to Gillingham.

"In the beginning, we met by weekly, it depended on how much information was needed. It was not cash for every meeting that we had. It was only when Gavin called me into his office and he gave me cash that would go with me and I would give it to Patrick. The money varied sometimes it would R5 000 and the most was R20 000," said Vorster.

Vorster said Gillingham helped encourage the department of correctional services to outsource its catering services as it would save the department money. The contract was eventually awarded to Bosasa.

Vorster said he was told to help Gillingham with the purchase of a Mercedes Benz in 2004. In 2005 a VW Polo was purchased for Gillingham's wife and another vehicle was purchased for his son in 2006.

Another Mercedes Benz was purchased for Gillingham in 2007. Andries van Tonder, a former Bosasa CFO, had testified that he had assisted in purchasing a vehicle for Gillingham's daughter Meghan.

Vorster said the money for the vehicles would be transferred through various accounts before being paid to the dealership in order to try and mask the true source of the money.

A similar scheme of payment was used to help fund the building of Gillingham's house, along with that of former correctional service commissioner Linda Mti.

The inquiry resumes on Thursday.

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