Former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor at the state capture inquiry. File picture: Nhlanhla Phillips/African News Agency/ANA

Johannesburg - Vytjie Mentor has concluded her testimony and at the Zondo commission after a long day of cross-examination on Tuesday. 

Mentor was probed by legal representatives of former president Jacob Zuma’s chief of staff Lakela Kaunda and Hawks Advocate Mandela Mtolo.

Mentor claimed last year during her first appearance in August that she had opened a criminal case in May 2016 against Zuma and the Gupta brothers regarding corruption. 

She says after she opened the case she was approached by Mtolo who tried to pressure her to remove Zuma's name from the complaint. 

Mentor said she agreed to do so but only because she feared her case would go nowhere if she had not. 

Advocate Crowley for Kaunda, questioned Mentor on her evidence that she was contacted by Kaunda in October 2010 on a ‪Sunday evening‬. 

Crowley presented evidence that according to Kaunda's cellphone records, she never contacted Mentor or had any previous communication with her. 

Mentor insisted that she had spoken to Kaunda and that she was suspicious of the records provided by Kaunda. 

She said she was surprised as the records were not obtained from the cellphone company (Vodacom) and were instead her own records. 

Earlier on Tuesday Mentor appeared frustrated as the evidence gathered mostly failed to corroborate her testimony. 

She even claimed that her evidence was being a attacked. 

In conclusion of her evidence, Mentor thanked the commission and chairperson deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo. 

She also encouraged others to come forward and testify. 

The next witness on the stand on Thursday will be Cope MP Dennis Bloem, who is expected to testify on Mentor’s evidence. 

The commission resumes on Thursday. 

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