Former President Jacob Zuma speaking to his followers after his appearance at the State Capture Commission of Inquiry. File picture: Simphiwe Mbokazi/African News Agency(ANA).

Not to be left out amid the ongoing political turmoil the country is in, former president Jacob Zuma on Monday, took to Twitter to express his opinion on the ongoing events.

However, street smart as always, Zuma opted not to be direct but instead used coded Zulu idioms to make his point, thus making it impossible to tell whom he was taking a jab at. 

Tweeting from his official account he opened in November last year specifically to give his political opinions, the former president opened by saying "Webakwethu!!! Kubi!! Iyabhubhudl'inkezo!" - translated, it loosely means that "Good people, things are bad. Everything is falling apart". 

He added emphasis that when he threw in another coded Zulu idiom which says "Iwa Libheke Umoya", meaning the valley is facing the wind.

In ancient Bantu times, mainly because of their nomadic and pastoralism lives, Bantus were against building households in valleys that are vulnerable to destructive winds or facing the direction of the wind. 

By saying this, Zuma was apparently saying that there is someone who has been left vulnerable to attack and embarrassment. 

That was seen when he ended the tweet by saying "Sengathi Kukhona Abazoyikhotha Imbenge Yomile" - meaning that someone was about to pay a heavy price for his or her past actions. 

The tweet sparked a frenzy minutes after it was posted. Two hours after it was posted, the tweet was retweeted 1534 times and liked 3184 times. 

It also sparked a debate with others saying Zuma correctly interpreted the country's prevailing political situation and it was time for some people to face the consequences of their political actions. 

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