Zwelinzima Vavi was one of the main guest speakers at a National Political school held by Numsa at the Kopanong Conference Centre in Benoni. Vavi who spoke for close to three hours, was warmly welcomed by Numsa members who broke into song and dance when he arrived and again when he departed. Picture: Antoine de Ras, 17/09/2013


Durban - Former Reserve Bank governor Tito Mboweni and suspended Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi took to Twitter on Wednesday with violent – by digital social media standards – results after Mboweni accused Vavi of planning to take Numsa members to the EFF.

The story quickly appeared on the Mail & Guardian’s website, where a synopsis of the twar (Twitter war) was posted.

“It is public knowledge that negotiations are on between Numsa and EFF about whether you or Juju should lead EFF to elections,” Mboweni tweeted to Vavi.

Vavi replied: “Who else have (sic) heard this ‘public knowledge’ except some day dreamer with a paranoid mindset?”

Vavi added, indirectly, that perhaps Mboweni was looking for “deployment” in the ruling party with his tweets.

Numsa spokesman Castro Ngobese joined in the conversation, tweeting: “Tito Mboweni should NOT abuse my tweets by making false insinuations that am (sic) in conversations with certain people to deliver Numsa elsewhere.”

Mboweni responded to Ngobese with: “Down with neoliberalism! Forward to the Developmental State!! Ok?”

Mboweni added two more tweets to his timeline before declaring he was off to grab something to eat. “Let comrade Vavi publicly DENY my information. Then the matter is CLOSED. Simple…” followed by: “The truth, dear Brutus, shall free thee! Now to dinner celebrating January 8th.” Vavi and Mboweni could not be reached for comment.

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