Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson     Picture: Supplied
Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson Picture: Supplied

Trade union Solidarity guns for Bosasa boss Gavin Watson

By Tamaryn Africa Time of article published Feb 19, 2019

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Johannesburg - Trade union Solidarity on Tuesday said it would interrogate Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson as it is unacceptable for employees to "bear the brunt for corrupt persons and practices while those very people come off scot-free".

The announcement comes after Bosasa announced its voluntary liquidation on Monday, jeopardising some 4 500 jobs.

"Since the announcement, employees affected by it have started protesting outside Bosasa’s head office in Mogale City," Solidarity said.

The trade union said the interrogation will be by means of the process which is provided for in section 65 of the Insolvency Act to expose Watson's share in the Bosasa debacle.

"This is a very sad story in which lives are destroyed at the hands of corrupt businessmen and politicians. We will certainly see to it that those who caused the Bosasa debacle are brought to book," said Anton Van der Bijl, head of Solidarity’s Labour Law Services.

According to Van der Bijl, the trade union also confirmed it would assist its members at Bosasa during the liquidation process.

Van der Bijl explained: "In terms of section 38 of the Insolvency Act a liquidator must first consult with the employees’ trade unions before their services may be terminated. According to section 38 of this Act, employees’ contracts of service are suspended the moment a liquidation order is issued. For this reason, employees do not have to render their services and they can claim their loss of income from the Unemployment Insurance Fund."

Van der Bijl said that upon the termination of contracts, employees are regarded as creditors of the company and can claim amounts due to them.

"At the time of the termination of a contract, a former employee can lodge a claim for arrears with the liquidator. Solidarity will also assist its members in this regard. In view of the shocking revelations about corruption at Bosasa that has been rampant for quite some time, and the innocent workers being affected we have no choice but to help bring the guilty parties to book and to assist the workers at the same time," said Van der Bijl.

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