FF+ Northern Cape leader Wynand Boshoff
FF+ Northern Cape leader Wynand Boshoff

Two candidates of colour on FF+ list

By Sandi Kwon Hoo Time of article published Jun 7, 2016

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Kimberley - Two candidates of colour will represent the Freedom Front Plus (FF+) for the first time in the upcoming local government elections.

The ward councillors from the Phokwane region in Hartswater and Jan Kempdorp in the Northern Cape, are former DA Phokwane branch chairman Ralph Bostander and former Khoisan Revolution party member Reggie Williams.

On Monday the FF+ released its candidates list containing 49 ward councillors and 27 district municipal councillors.

The party’s Northern Cape leader, Wynand Boshoff, stated that Williams immediately signed up after reading their party manifesto.

“We offered him a trial period with the FF+, with the option of returning to the Khoisan Revolution party. He, however, indicated that he was impressed with the FF+ and would not be changing his party of choice.”

Boshoff added that this was the first time that they would be contesting the local government elections with so many candidates.

“We have been travelling across the province recruiting members.”

Boshoff said the party represented all minority groups and not only Afrikaners, with a focus on self-reliance and the promotion of indigenous and cultural rights.

“There is a misconception that we are a right-wing organisation. The majority of people (90 percent) living in the lower Orange region, Namakwa, ZF Mgcawu and Pixley ka Seme regions, are Afrikaans speaking. Yet, they are being excluded from black economic empowerment and are disempowered and impoverished.

“We want these regions to be declared quota-free zones, with regards to land rights and economic opportunities.”

Boshoff said that several former DA members, as well as Cope members from the Ubuntu Municipality, had “crossed the floor” to the FF+.

“Former DA Phokwane branch chairman Theo Joubert decided to join us at the last minute. He will be standing as a ward candidate for Phokwane and as a Frances Baard councillor.”

Boshoff added that former DA member Dawie Meyer was a FF+ Phokwane ward councillor.

“The former chairman of the AfriForum branch in Kimberley, Kobus van den Berg, is a Sol Plaatje ward and Frances Baard councillor candidate.”

Boshoff will be standing as a Sol Plaatje ward candidate and is number one on the Frances Baard councillor list.

His wife, Esme Boshoff, is ranked number three on the Frances Baard councillor list and is also a Sol Plaatje ward councillor candidate.

“Many voters are disillusioned with the political situation in the country. The DA is focused on securing seats in government, at the expense of alienating the interests of minority groups, including whites, coloureds and indigenous groups such as the Khoisan people. We are promoting self sustainability, ethnic identity, clean governance and environmental issues. The party is against xenophobia, nepotism and corruption.

“Small interest groups will have a huge impact during the local government elections.”

Boshoff added that they wanted representation at municipal level, in order to promote alternative energy sources.

“If our farmers were able to sell solar energy, they would not be left destitute by the drought. Several districts, including Williston and Vanwyksvlei, can produce energy for the entire country at a much cheaper rate and the raw material used to make solar panels can be sourced in our Province. We can utilise alternative energy to create energy intensive industries.”

Boshoff indicated that the Northern Cape remained the forgotten province, where the wealth was redirected to multi-national companies who were based over the borders.

“Meanwhile our citizens remain poor and jobless.”

He also pointed out that despite the claim that Orania would fall into the hands of the EFF, it was impossible as the town was governed by an independent community council.

“The EFF is making big promises that it will not be able to fulfill. They paid a surprise visit to Orania over the weekend but Orania is boycotting the local government elections.”

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