Athol Trollip is the mayor of the Nelson Mandela Bay metro.
Port Elizabeth – Nelson Mandela Bay deputy mayor Mongameli Bobani on Tuesday, said there were no cracks in the metro's coalition government quelling talks of apparent tensions, confirming a meeting with Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane and United Democratic Movement (UDM) leader Bantu Holomisa.

"There were no cracks in the coalition there were only different opinions and as per our coalition agreement, when there are different opinions our agreement is clear that it must be escalated to our provincial structures and ultimately to our national leaders," said Bobani.

Bobani was addressing the media following a first special council meeting for 2017 on Tuesday afternoon.

Last week, a special council meeting collapsed following a disagreement between mayor Athol Trollip, from the DA and Bobani, from the UDM, over the recruitment and expulsion of senior managers in the metro.

An inter-party meeting was held on Monday night, with UDM and DA party bosses attempting to resolve issues which brought a Nelson Mandela Bay council meeting to a deadlock last week.

"We had to involve our national leaders that is Bantu Holomisa together with Mmusi Maimane and last night we had talks and the differences were resolved in terms of the agreement. We are on record to say there are no cracks in the coalition, difference of opinion can happen anywhere," said Bobani.

He added that UDM was now happy with the appointment of current City Manager Johan Mettler.

"The matter around Mr Mettler has been put to rest. As the UDM we supported him but we just wanted to ensure that we are in compliance as the city and that has been taken care of. As of now the UDM and the coalition government are fully supporting the municipal manager," he said.

Meanwhile, African National Congress party leader in the metro, Bicks Ndoni told reporters that the ANC had no intention of bringing a motion of no confidence against Trollip despite Nelson Mandela Bay ANC spokesperson Gift Nqgondi confirming rumours earlier this week.

"I am the leader of the ANC caucus in council and if there is an official position it will come from me. Gift is an activist who is helping in that caucus, it has nothing to do with divisions. The ANC outside council agreed on that position, we had a meeting and we agreed that would be the line we would be towing. The regional structures agree with me. It's an unfortunate thing that this thing of motion of no confidence went out, it's an individual who said that and maybe he misread the situation," said Ndoni