Cape Town 030513 Pieter-Dirk Uys during a press conference at he Fugard Theatre, Cape Town. He is speaks about a new platform that he would like to create, allowing any South Africans to start speaking about the upcoming 2014 elections. picture : neil baynes Reporter : Rebecca Jackman

Cape Town - Performer Pieter-Dirk Uys had his serious face on Friday when he launched a political “movement”, South Africa’s Democratic National Alternative - or SA-Dna - which he said was aimed at uniting those seeking an alternative democracy in the country.

Making it clear he was speaking as citizen rather than satirist, he said the movement, launched on World Press Freedom Day, offered political parties an umbrella outside the arena of government.

 Having been involved in theatre for 40 years, and with local politics writing his material for him more often than not, Uys stressed that “if you can get attention with a title, then people will come to the show”.

He said: “In terms of theatre, let’s say that out of the 126 political parties registered, 10 are significant as parliamentary players. One is the ruling party, one is the official opposition and the others are… well, the others are also there. So theatrically we have a very successful soap opera starring one democratically elected star, called ANC got Talent.”

 With the elections less than a year away, Uys said it was important to get people thinking and talking about them. 

Arguments are good, he said, encouraging all South Africans – and those of other nationalities – to have opinions, and to discuss them.

He drew particular attention to the generation of young people who would vote for the first time next year year. They should not be asking “what’s the point?”, but rather understanding that “your vote is your key to the door to your future”.

 “I am not here to attack the ANC or praise the DA, or vice versa.

“I respect them all and always thank them for what they do for me, how they inspire me, how they put words in my mouth.

“I know my DA and I know my ANC. They put on good one-person shows. But I am concerned about those other songs without a show, without a good title, without the bums on seats, the votes, the crosses on the ballots.’

Despite his best attempts, Uys couldn’t resist some comment on the news of the day, saying that Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout was unable to attend the press conference as she was “attending a wedding at Sun City”.

l The registered domain for the South African Democratic National Alternative is

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