Johannesburg - The group of disgruntled smaller political parties have vowed to continue with their legal action relating to alleged irregularities that occurred in the 2019 general elections. 

This despite one of the parties, the African Transformation Movement (ATM), saying it accepted the election results. 

ATM's head of policy Mzwanele Manyi held an impromptu briefing after the Electoral Commission's pronouncement on objections raised and legal action in relation to the irregularities. 

The commission dismissed most of the 47 objections raised, saying they failed to meet the requirements of section 55 and lacked any evidence of irregularity. 

Five were upheld while another five were withdrawn by the objecting parties. It also vowed to challenge any legal action relating to these objections raised. 

In a move that surprised many, Manyi announced his party would abide by the outcome of the results and would support the IEC. 

"ATM respects the will of the people of South Africa, who spoke loudly and clearly on the 8th of May. The ATM continues to put the interests of South Africans above all else. 

"It is not fair to put the country at ransom and the ATM supports the IEC to proceed with the declaration of the final results today."

Manyi's about turn was not met well with the other parties, who branded the ATM as sellouts and vowed to forge ahead with its court action. 

While the parties, which include the likes of African Peoples' Convention (APC), National Freedom Party (NFP), Black First Land First, Land Party, and the Socialist Workers Revolutionary Party (SWRP), said they won't disrupt Saturday night's proceedings, they were preparing their court papers. 

"We are going to have a very extensive legal document, we are going to court," a representative of one of the parties said.