Born-free - noun a member of a generation born in a country after its transition to democracy, in particular, post-apartheid South Africa - Oxford Dictionary.

South Africa will hold its sixth national and provincial elections on May 8. As part of our #Elections2019 coverage, IOL has asked 94 Born Frees for their views on the upcoming elections. Will they be voting? Who influences who they vote for, if anybody? What issue would most affect their decision on who to vote for?

While never having endured the brutality of apartheid, the Born Frees face their own struggles, including high unemployment, access to education and issues around identity.

Watch as we speak to 22-year-old Zisanda who says she sees no point in voting.

"I see no change. They are all promising us. They've all been given chances and they're doing nothing about it so I see no use. I actually wish no one goes to the voting stations," said Zisanda.

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