Cape Town - Freedom Front Plus premier candidate in the Western Cape Peter Marais on Wednesday downplayed his march to the province's legislature after his party's surprise performance at the polls.

The party has obtained 1.59% of the province's 80.31% results from the province's voting districts that have been finalised as at 11am on Thursday.

"I came here to find out. Everybody says so. Until such time it is announced I don't think I must make a statement on it.

"The figure shows, yes," Marais said while addressing media at IEC results centre in Cape Town when asked to comment on being set to become a Freedom Front Plus member of the provincial legislature.

However, he said the only good news in the elections was his party.

"The only good news in these elections was the Freedom Front Plus. We want a federal system where more powers and authority is devolved to provinces," Marais said.

Freedom Front Plus Western Cape premier candidate Peter Marais and DA provincial leader Bonginkosi Madikizela robustly debate what Marais calls the 'lies and empty promises' the DA has made to the people of the Western Cape. Video: Norman Cloete
He took a swipe at the DA for mounting a scare-mongerign campaign that warned voters about an ANC-EFF coalition.

Marais said he wanted to see DA premier candidate Alan Winde deliver on his promise for a Western Cape police force and  building more houses.

"He will have to go cap in hand to the national government, which is the ANC,  for money to do it."

Maraiss said the provincial government was without powers and in everything they did, they must ask national.

"The Freedom Front Plus says no, those powers to run proper health services, to run police services, build decent homes and create houses just vest in the provinces," he said, adding that such powers should be devolved not only to the Western Cape but all other provinces.

He also said that he stood for election to better living conditions of all people.

"I did not stand for elections to fight for people voting Freedom Front Plus. I stood to improve the living conditions of all people in the Western Cape."

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