South Africa's sixth general elections have been laden with diverging analysis about the hotly-contested nature of the polls.

To get an alternative view, Independent Media caught up with renowned political commentator Chester Missing, South Africa's most famous puppet, who helped us cut through the noise with his unique take on issues.

According to Missing, parties who are complaining because they received less than 1% of the vote have only themselves to blame.

"Don't you find it funny? I mean, if you got 0.1% of the vote, the problem is not with the IEC, it's you. It's like Kurt Darren suing the mirror because it makes him look funny," Chester Missing said.

Missing also had some choice words for the Democratic Alliance, Economic Freedom Fighters and the Freedom Front Plus.


South Africans voted in the country's sixth general elections since the abolishment of apartheid 25 years ago on Wednesday.

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