IEC Chairperson Pansy Tlakula addresses the media at the IEC Election Results Centre in Pretoria. 080514. Picture: Chris Collingridge 365

Pretoria - The counting of votes is progressing well, the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) said on Thursday.

“As at 11.30am today (Thursday), the counting of votes and capturing of results had been completed in over half of the country's... voting districts,” said chairwoman Pansy Tlakula.

“While a picture of trends is beginning to emerge, it is still far too early to make any meaningful predictions of the final outcome.”

She said over half of all voting district had been captured, but these were smaller voting districts and municipalities in terms of voter numbers.

More than 7.55 million votes had been counted by 11.30am from 25.39 million registered voters.

She said in all voting districts counted, captured and audited, an average of 72 percent voter turnout had been recorded.

“We are hoping this will grow further as the voting districts in large urban, metro areas are captured.”