Picture: Zintle Mahlati
Johannesburg - Black First Land First (BLF) supporters have handed over a memorandum of demands to ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule. 

Magashule was accompanied by heavy security as he headed to meet with BLF supporters who were kept a few metres away from "protect Luthuli House supporters". 

Clashes were expected on Monday between "protect Luthuli House supporters" and BLF members. 

One of the BLF's demands includes a demand that President Jacob Zuma to remain the head of state until the end of his term next year. 

Magashule stood quietly and commended the BLF members for remaining calm while he was read the memorandum by BLF member, Thandiswa Yaphi. 

The group made numerous attempts throughout the day to get to Luthuli House. The first attempt was when a few members ran towards the building, but were quickly chased away by "protect the ANC supporters". 

Another attempt was made, when about 20 BLF members driving in a bakkie tried to drive past Luthuli House but were stopped by police and ANC supporters. 
Video: Zintle Mahlati

Numerous videos have since emerged of these clashes, with  one video showing what appears to be ANC members beating and kicking an elderly woman who fell while fleeing.

This sparked outrage on social media, with users calling for the group to be arrested and charged over the incident. 

One of the attackers has been identified as Thabiso Setona, the branch secretary of ward 62.

The ANC Greater Joburg has since confirmed that Setona will be facing disciplinary action following the incident.

Magashule's decision to meet the BLF supporters angered "protect Luthuli House supporters", who called him a "thief" and a "sell-out". 

As Magashule was whisked away back inside Luthuli House, visibly angry ANC members screamed at him. 

The ruling party has condemned the assault on protesters outside the Luthuli House and called on law enforcement to 'act without fear or favour'.

"Regardless of what some may deem as provocation by the Black First Land First Movement who intended to march to Luthuli House, there will never be any justification for scenes as the ones witnessed today. Disturbing in the extreme is the assault of women in so callous and dehumanising manner," said ANC in a statement.

By late Monday afternoon, BLF members had dispersed from the area, while a few ANC members remained outside Luthuli House. 
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