Picture: Ilanit Chernick/The Star
Johannesburg – The Democratic Alliance (DA) had to change its anti-Zuma march plans in Johannesburg after supporters of the African National Congress (ANC) including members of the MKMVA, took over the CBD, daring DA members to come near Luthuli House.

The initial gathering point of the DA, Beyers Naude Square, is situated next to Luthuli House. The party leaders had initially planned to march to Luthuli House but changed their plans during the week, citing fears of possible violence.

The DA supporters headed to Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown as member of the uMkhonto We Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) vowed to protect the ANC headquarters at all costs.

Clad in military uniform, hundreds of MKMVA members formed a combat line around ANC offices while chanting revolutionary songs and pro-Zuma slogans. ANC supporters at Beyers Naude carried placards that read "Leave Zuma alone" and "Zuma is our president".

They were draped in the ANC colours of green, black and yellow, some wrapped themselves in blankets against the cold weather. Some carried sjamboks and sticks as they sang revolutionary songs.

MKMVA leader Kebby Maphatsoe said those who were against Zuma were against the ANC. "All they want is a regime change and we will not allow that. If you say Zuma must go, then you are indicating that you are against the fight for equality, radical economic reform and ant-racism. We are not going to allow anyone who undermines the ANC and Zuma to come here and do as they please," he said outside Luthuli House.