A screengrab taken from the DA video posted on YouTube.
Cape Town - The Democratic Alliance has slammed critics who accused the party of plagiarising a Danish advert for its 2019 general election campaign video.

The Team One South Africa video, which appears to mimic a three-minute film titled “All that we share” created by Copenhagen-based &Co for a Danish TV station TV2 has stirred some criticism. 

In the video, the Danish TV station depicts different plays on the traditional “us versus them” narrative and highlights the implicit bias of cultural stereotypes in a wide range of people including young, old and homosexuals.

DA national campaign manager Jonathan Moakes, however, said the party used the Danish video, and a variety of adverts to draw inspiration.

Watch the Danish video here:

“The ad is not a copy of the Danish advert, I mean we have communicated this beforehand. We certainly used the Danish advert and other adverts which were similar in film-making as inspiration. The Danish advert is a very good one, and we wanted to convey the same message. We used the ad as an inspiration, crossed completely different scripts,” said Moakes.

Watch the DA campaign video:

The DA launched its campaign last week at the Mary Fitzgerald Square in Johannesburg, which it claimed that it attracted 1 500 South Africans.

In both videos, the message goes along the lines that despite individual differences, all people have much more in common than meets the eye.

“The DA advert is very much about South Africa, the fact that when we work together we prosper as a nation. It is focused on the fact that South Africa currently is divided, and focused on issues that South Africans are concerned about. 

“It also makes references to not being to get ahead as a result of not getting access to jobs, and not feeling safe in homes. It also makes references to some players in the political game who seek to divide others,” said Moakes.

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