WATCH: Elections 2024: The rise of the Patriotic Alliance

Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton Mckenzie has expressed his gratitude to voters as his party continues to thrive as votes trickle in. Picture: Itumeleng English/Independent Newspapers

Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton Mckenzie has expressed his gratitude to voters as his party continues to thrive as votes trickle in. Picture: Itumeleng English/Independent Newspapers

Published May 31, 2024


As the voting numbers continue to trickle, one of the biggest risers in this election is the Patriotic Alliance (PA).

The PA, which was established in November 2013 by among others, Gayton McKenzie and Kenny Kunene has risen from the ashes like a phoenix.

The party has seen significant gains in this election as it has become part of the top six political parties leading nationally and is currently leading third in the Western Cape.

Speaking to IOL, PA Cape Metro secretary, Cheslyn Steenberg said the offering made by the party to those in the Western Cape and across the country was unique.

“The offering we had was unique, our manifesto spoke about jobs, supporting small businesses, the stance on illegal immigrants. The vision was clear and it resonated with the people on the ground. We [PA] want to thank the people on the ground for their support. We have proven we can serve not only on a council level but on a provincial legislative level and a national level,” he said.

When asked if the Joshlin Smith matter has had any effect on the outcomes of numbers for the party, Steenberg said:

“Where the PA puts its feet, it opens up doors and services are rendered. When Gayton went there all units were deployed, even those from the City of Cape Town. The media started taking note. We are not just propagandists as people have claimed, but we deliver. We are not a Coloured party, but a colourful party. We spoke the language of the people. The people have trusted us and we will not break that trust,” Steenberg said.

He also stated, unlike other parties, the PA’s funding came from their leader Gayton Mckenzie and executive, businessman Kenny Kunene.

Speaking to CapeTalk, political analyst Melanie Verwoerd said the PA’s rise has got many people talking.

“We definitely see a rise in the Patriotic Alliance, at the moment they sitting high … partly because some of the bigger rural constituencies have come in where they’ve won. But I think that this definitely something we are going to be watching,” she said.

Verwoerd said the PA did well in the Northern Cape as well and predicted the partly would show up nationally.

“But certainly in the Western Cape, that is an interesting thing to keep on watching,” Verwoerd added.

By 5.30pm, the PA received 258,493 votes or 2.5% and in the Western Cape, the party received 127,494 votes or 8.59%.

On social media, McKenzie could not contain his excitement, and taking to his Facebook page, he asked people to allow him to cry.

He wrote a thank you message to people from his home town in Heidedal in the Free State.

“I am emotional about the result of the PA, the PA will be the top five or sixth party be in this election, that is major for us. We are entering Parliament, we are sitting at 10 seats, arguably.

“We are entering legislature in Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape so far.

“On a deeply personal level, I am so proud and emotional because the people of Heidedal where I am from voted overwhelmingly for the PA, they voted for their son to become President. I can’t really describe the happiness mixed with emotion. All parties targeted my hometown to make me look bad and some locals lead the charge but the people of Heidedal said , he is our child, he is one of us, we will support him on this groundbreaking moment. We wanna help create history and make history together with the PA. I am so grateful, I am so happy, I don’t have more words to thank you except prayer for Heidedal.

“I will see you next week with the FS [Free State] victory party at the island [sic],” he wrote.

However, as the day progressed he made another post and further wrote: “Northern Cape PA got 3 seats in legislature. Thank you God for opening the eyes of our people, not all but a sufficient number. Salute [sic]”