Freedom Front Plus deputy leader in North West Hannes Schutte says the party had a plan to rope in youngsters into its fold and this has dramatically improved its support in North West. Picture: ANA/Stringer

Mahikeng - The Freedom Front Plus attributed its rapid growth in the North West to its plan of recruiting young people.

"We recruit young people that have studied, that have good skills that they have developed, accountants, lawyers, managers etc, people that is needed in the province to enhance development," said deputy provincial leader Hannes Schutte.

"What we want to do is to ensure that there is economic development in the province, for that we need to monitor and control the implementation of infrastructure like roads, water, sanitation to ensure that those projects created for the province are good quality projects."
He said in the rural areas voters have changed the party they have been voting for, and switched to the Freedom Front Plus.

"As far as the areas are concerned, what we noticed in the results we are receiving is that in rural areas there are a quite a lot people that has broken the away with what they have done previously, they have voted previously they have come to our party because of our constitution and what we say in our plan."

He said he was happy that the party has doubled its support compared to what they achieved in 2014.

Freedom Front Plus North West deputy leader Hannes Schutte is happy that the party manage to break the four percent mark in North West. Video: Molaole Montsho
Freedom Front Plus North West deputy leader Hannes Schutte says the party's support in rural areas has increased. Video: Molaole Montsho

The Freedom Front Plus breached the four percent mark in the province, scoring 4, 25 percent in the early stages of votes counting. In 2014, Freedom Front Plus could only garner 1, 72 percent of the votes.

On a national level, the FF+ have been one of the surprise packages of the 2019 elections, in fifth place with 294,000 votes, or just under two and a half percent of the total votes tallied thus far.

African News Agency/ANA