WATCH: Land summit is not just hot air, says David Mabuza

Deputy President David Mabuza. Picture: The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa/Facebook

Deputy President David Mabuza. Picture: The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa/Facebook

Published May 28, 2022


Cape Town - Deputy President David Mabuza has assured those who attended the communal land summit in Gauteng that it was not just another government talking shop.

He said the issues raised at the summit would be taken to the Cabinet for consideration.

The government would also give progress reports to all stakeholders who attended the summit on the implementation of the decisions.

Mabuza, who was making closing remarks at the summit on Saturday, said land was an important issue in South Africa. However, the issue required all role-players to sit around the table and find a solution.

Land issues were seriously discussed in commissions and in plenary sessions, said Mabuza, adding that this showed everyone was concerned about the question. However, the government wanted to resolve the issue.

“I want to assure the summit that all the issues raised here will be taken seriously. We will endeavour to give progress reports as we proceed from time to time. This is not just another talk show. We are going to report on progress that we are going to make on all issues that you raised,” said Mabuza.

He said they were satisfied that all those present at the summit had expressed their views. Attendance at the event was not just an excursion on the part of government, but rather a bid to resolve the land issue.

This remained important in the country, as there were many people who were directly affected by the land.

The land question would have to be addressed by the government, civil society, traditional leaders and other role-players.

Mabuza said that all the views that had been expressed would be taken to the Cabinet.

“We are going to consolidate all the views you have put here, and we will put them before cabinet as soon as possible for further guidance.

“I am sure beyond cabinet there will be an announcement that you will hear, probably from cabinet, about these matters.

“We want to promise that we are going to take these views back to cabinet that has sent us here,” said Mabuza.

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