Mayor Nqaba Bhanga Picture: David Ritchie
Mayor Nqaba Bhanga Picture: David Ritchie

WATCH: Mayor Nqaba Bhanga opens up about fatal crash that claimed the lives of two people

By Mayibongwe Maqhina Time of article published Sep 22, 2021

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NELSON Mandela Metro mayor Nqaba Bhanga has opened up about the accident that he was involved in recently, saying the crash presented him with an opportunity to self-reflect.

“I am so heart broken that this accident took two lives,” Bhanga said.

He made the statement in a video that was shared on his private Facebook account on Wednesday night.

Bhanga was involved in a fatal crash at the intersection of St Leonards Drive and Uitenhage Road in Gqeberha on Saturday, August 28.

It was previously reported that the accident occurred after curfew at around 11pm on Bhanga’s 44th birthday.

In his address, Bhanga described the accident as tragic because two individuals died.

“It breaks my heart that I was involved in this accident,” he said.

Bhanga noted that he was severely injured and spent a number of days in ICU.

“I had internal bleeding. There was an operation that had to be done,” he said.

“My doctors informed me that in this accident I was lucky. I could have lost my life,” the mayor said.

Bhanga thanked God for saving his life and giving him a second chance to live.

He said he was praying that God would have mercy on everybody who was involved in the fatal crash.

“I am grateful for the fact that my life was saved. I want to thank the nursing staff and doctors. Those who work in hospitals are an extension of the hand of God and I have seen it myself,” he said.

The DA mayoral candidate also said his family has reached out to the families of the deceased.

“I am happy to inform you that my family was welcomed by the two families warmly. Many understood that this was an accident.”

Bhanga said he had met with the police to give his statement and that he was co-operating with the police in their investigation.

He, however, revealed that he has appointed a legal representative who has given his statement to the police.

“This should not be viewed as a form of accepting guilt. It is a legal process that anybody who is involved in an accident like this has responsibility to the constitution to appoint a legal representative in order for my right to be protected in this regard,” he said.

“My lawyer submitted the statement and the police were happy with the statement that was submitted. This issue is under investigation right now and I hope, with speed, this issue will be concluded.”

In an apparent response to reports that he had violated Covid-19 regulations at the time of the accident, Bhanga said he has issued another statement to the police stating the reason he was out of his house during curfew time.

“I had to respond to a serious medical condition. This has been stated very clearly to the police,” he said.

Bhanga reiterated his thanks for the support he and the families of the deceased received from residents and citizens.

“The journey I had will be difficult for me and for many of those involved. It is a journey I will take one step at a time. It is time for me to reflect on this accident and reflect on what is to happen going forward.”

A hopeful Bhanga added saying: “My duty is to lift my hand and do what I am supposed to do.”


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