Pallo Jordan has spoken out about his 'Dr' debacle while launching his book 'Letters to my Comrades' in King William's Town. File picture: Neil Baynes
Cape Town - Pallo Jordan on Thursday spoke frankly about the "Dr" debacle that made him quit Parliament and the ANC NEC four years ago.

Jordan was launching his book "Letters to my Comrades" in the township of Ginsberg in King Williams Town on Thursday night when he was asked to explain his "Dr" title. 

For the first time he spoke openly about it and gave background:  
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In August 2014 a  “humiliated” Jordan resigned from Parliament and the ANC’s national executive committee to avoid further “deceit”, following revelations that he misrepresented his academic qualifications.  

Jordan styled himself as “Dr” Jordan in his official CV throughout his exile and for many years afterwards.

It was found that he had no degrees or diplomas from the University of Wisconsin-Madison or the London School of Economics (LSE), which were the two institutions cited on his CV. It was reported that he had  no formal tertiary academic qualifications whatsoever.

He resigned from Parliament shortly after the damning allegations surfaced  and apologised to the ANC and the country as a whole.

Jordan's book "Letters to my Comrades" is " flowing observations, interspersed with pithy and yet colourful descriptions on the other hand – while cutting to the bone in analyses and breath-taking insights, informed by meticulous reading amassed over nearly half a century of struggle".