Source: Instagram/ @pennypennyshaka
Source: Instagram/ @pennypennyshaka

WATCH: Papa Penny slams 'stupid' Malema for calling him 'uneducated'

By Yethu Dlamini Time of article published May 1, 2019

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Johannesburg - Xitsonga disco musician, Papa Penny has called on EFF leader Julius Malema to get counseling following CIC’s statement in the weekend during the party’s election campaign in which he said Papa Penny was uneducated.

Papa Penny took to social media to respond to Malema's statement. He said: “Malema you are stupid. Why don't you get people who are educated to vote for you and leave the ones that never went to school. I have never been to school to adopt a language like you, you think you are the best when you are actually nothing,” said Penny on a video he posted on Instagram. 

Penny told The Star today that “I don't think he is normal. You cannot go around insulting old people and calling them illiterate. Does that mean if he gets to be president of the country he will only be president to the literate. He knows nothing about the African culture, in the African culture a young person respects his or her elders,” he said. 

Papa Penny said he and Malema come from the same province (Limpopo) and that he was disappointed to hear such remarks from him (Malema).

 “I respect him and I never made fun of him. I don't even know why he had to include me and my education on his campaign,” Papa Penny said.

People went on social media to criticize Papa Penny’s use of language when responding to Malema. They said he should have used his native language to respond. “I responded in English because I wanted everyone to understand what I was saying.”

Malema could not be reached for comment at the time of publishing. 


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