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Johannesburg – When Cosatu president Sdumo Dlamini's speech, which called for unity within the tripartite alliance, ended, delegates broke into a Sesotho song calling for President Jacob Zuma to be removed from office.

This was after the federation's first deputy president, Tyotyo James, asserted: "We are not confused. We want the current deputy president to be the president of the ANC. We must not be condemned when we say that. But others are not condemned. We want Cyril Ramaphosa"

Then almost all the delegates broke into the song "Zuma a tsamaye!"

Delegates were singing at Cosatu's Central Committee meeting, which is the mid-term policy meeting of the federation.

Video: Independent Media

Dlamini had earlier warned the 350 delegates to not "decide that we can be working against the ANC when they do these wrong things. We will take the decisions we take and defend our decisions and call on leader of alliance to come to the party and fight real battles."

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