‘We are concerned’: IFP says country needs governance, calls on DA and ANC to stop their squabbles

Published Jun 28, 2024


IFP President Velenkosini Hlabisa has urged the ANC and DA to finalise negotiations for forming a Government of National Unity (GNU), expressing concern over the ongoing stalemate.

This call follows a report by IOL on Thursday, indicating that negotiations between the ANC and DA had collapsed over cabinet appointments.

Hlabisa addressed the media from the IFP headquarters in Durban, noting that while initial delays were expected, the prolonged impasse was now troubling.

“So when alarmist reports began to emerge of a potential stalemate between the ANC and the DA, the IFP was not immediately concerned. There was, as far as we could see, no crisis. We understood that there would be necessary teething problems in forming the government of national unity… Now, however, like all South Africans, the IFP is growing concerned,” he said.

The negotiations have been marred by disputes over cabinet positions since President Cyril Ramaphosa's inauguration in Pretoria last week.

Hlabisa emphasised the urgency of moving forward for the sake of the country’s governance.

“Our concern is for a country that is eager to move forward, that governance must begin. We cannot remain in a holding pattern where there is so much to be done,” he added.

He called on President Ramaphosa to exercise his constitutional authority to announce a new cabinet promptly.

“It is essential that the President, as the Constitution allows him, can reach the stage of announcing the new cabinet. The IFP is calling on the ANC, the DA, and any other party to conclude the outstanding issues between them without further delay. As the IFP, we are ready to save our country,” Hlabisa stated.

Hlabisa expressed confidence in the ANC and DA leaders to negotiate in the country's best interest but reminded them that the nation awaits their direction.

He acknowledged the importance of appointments to critical ministries but stressed that these should not unduly delay the functioning of the government and parliament.

“No position is more important than that of the country as a whole… South Africa and its people must not be at a stalemate for a long time; agreements must be reached. Only then can we enable South Africa to move forward in the service of our country,” Hlabisa asserted. He emphasised the need for all parties to put aside their interests to ensure the government's work proceeds smoothly.

Meanwhile, the DA has requested another meeting with the ANC following recent leaked communications. T

he two parties are expected to meet today (Friday) to resolve their disputes. President Ramaphosa has criticised DA leader John Steenhuisen for his conduct during the GNU negotiations, accusing the DA of inconsistency in their demands.

The IFP remains committed to the GNU, with Hlabisa reiterating their readiness to serve the nation.

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