“We are leaders of society”: ANC's Collen Malatji dismisses ‘black parties only’ coalition proposal



Published Jun 10, 2024


African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) president Collen Malatji has slammed the “formation of coalition government that only includes black political parties”, saying the ANC was not a black organisation but a party for all.

In an interview with Newzroom Afrika, Malatji said the ANC believed in nation building, a non-racial society and also bringing people together.

“We are not going to participate in some divisions called the black-only parties in South Africa. That's not what the ANC fought for,” Malatji said speaking to the broadcaster.

“It has fought for all citizens to be one and united to build the nation. Anything that has to do with dividing society, the ANC won't participate, we are a leader of society.”

Malatji said the ANC was not a black organisation but a party for all and non-racial.

“We are not a black organisation, we are an organisation for all South Africans that is clear that we understand the injustices of the past that a lot of black people have been oppressed in the past,” he said.

“That is why we have put policies in place to accommodate those who were previously oppressed.

Malatji was responding to a question that the ANC was rejecting certain parties with the Government of National Unity (GNU).

“It is rhetoric that there's something called the parties of the left, the only party with ANC is the communist,” he said.

He claimed that parties were funded by the same funders and with only one mandate, to remove the ANC from power.

“All of the report to the same sector, there's no parties of the left..you have seen the declaration, a lot of big businesses are funding these political parties,” he said.

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Thursday that his party would resort to the GNU for stability, peace and progress in South Africa.

On Friday, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) proposed the formation of a coalition government of black parties only after saying “NO” to ANC's GNU.

The EFF said it would not form part of the GNU, especially with parties opposed to its policies and political ideologies.

At a media briefing in Sandton on Friday, Floyd Shivambu, the deputy leader of the EFF, said they won't agree to a GNU involving the Democratic Alliance (DA) or Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus).

The EFF said they want a coalition government not the GNU.

Meanwhile, GNU talks are still underway and the ANC has invited all parties to participate.

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