EFF supporters cheer as their leader arrives at a Pretoria police station on Tuesday. Photo: Jonisayi Maromo / ANA

PRETORIA - EFF leader Julius Malema on Tuesday said he had handed the South African Police Service (SAPS) evidence which proves that Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan is corrupt.

"We never said anything else about Pravin, except that he has stolen the money. Pravin opened an account in Canada, and he encouraged people to put money in there when they had problems with Sars. Instead of media investigating the account, they attack the EFF. What we did today, because we are not playing games, we gave police the account number and the name of the bank in Canada," Malema said while addressing a vibrant crowd of supporters at the Brooklyn police station in Pretoria.

"They must go to Canada and say we need the financial statements of this account."

Malema scoffed at the charges laid by Gordhan on Monday, at the same station.

"Why is he opening a case on civil claims, because with civil claims you don't open a case. You just write a letter from the lawyers, and say Malema withdraw what you said and apologize, otherwise we sue you for R150 000. He came here to disturb the police [officers] who are doing a wonderful job here, by bringing useless charges which mean nothing. We have brought real stuff here," said Malema.

The outspoken opposition leader said he has a list of people who paid Gordhan, and they are prepared to come forward. The minister is a former head of the South African Revenue Service (Sars).

"We've brought the evidence where it matters, stop calling us to commissions [of inquiry]. We've said to the police, I've got a list of people who were told to put [deposit] the money, given an account, and I've got a list of the people who put money into the account. They are prepared to speak, on condition that you offer them that indemnity, where if they come forward with information, they will not be charged. I said to them [police], you must guarantee indemnity and I'll bring these people," said Malema.

Gordhan was at the same police station on Monday, where he pressed charges of crimen injuria and criminal defamation against Malema and his deputy Floyd Shivambu for their verbal attacks on his family last week.

Hundreds of EFF members had braved the scorching heat, waiting for hours for Malema to arrive on Tuesday morning.

The SAPS and the Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) had cordoned off Duxbury Road, adjacent to the police station, ahead of Malema's arrival. 

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