‘We will support Renaldo Gouws’: Organisation raises funds to support ‘racist’ suspended MP in legal battle

Published Jun 25, 2024


Over R35,000 has been raised to support suspended DA MP Renaldo Gouws in his legal battle against the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) for his racial slurs against black people in his youth.

Gouws made headlines last week after an IOL exposè where he could be heard spewing hate speech.

In the video first posted on YouTube and subsequently deleted, Gouws says “Alright so there’s a couple of things I want to say. Kill the f**ing k*ffirs, kill all the f*ing n*ggers. That’s all I gotta f*ing say. Kill all the k*ffirs! Kill all the f*ing n*ggers!”

He had also made other racist videos where he said that Apartheid was better. This was about 16 years ago.

Gouws was among the DA members to be sworn in during the first sitting of parliament.

A one, Matthew Dickson started a campaign through BackaBuddy to raise funds to help him fight what they describe as “discrimination” against Gouws.

BackaBuddy is an online crowdfunding platform where users can donate to help others ranging from healthcare to disaster relief.

Dickason called for support for Gouws saying that there seems to be a clear double standard when it comes to racism in South Africa.

“The part they didn’t tell you was that this 15-second video was only one section of a video with a length of 6 min 22 sec where you see Renaldo showing the clear and obvious double standards.

"He also clearly in the video says that he didn’t mean the words he just used but wanted to showcase the double standards and wanted to illustrate how someone else could be hurt by the words uttered.

“Now 14 years later his question has been answered and the point of the video has been made. There seems to be a clear double standard when it comes to racism in South Africa.

“Please support Renaldo Gouws against the very same SAHRC that doesn’t see Julius Malema and Andile Mngxitama’s hate speech as such but yet see Renaldo’s hyperbole as hate speech,” it said.

Dickson also slammed the mainstream media, particularly IOL News for not playing a full video of Gouws where he said “Kill the f**ing k*ffirs”.

“With this in mind, we would like to start a Back-a-Buddy campaign to raise funds for Renaldo Gouws’s legal bills against the SAHRC and also future legal bills with some of the mainstream media that knowingly misrepresented his words by only playing 15 seconds of a 6-minute video clip, which they had access to but refused to publish in full,” it said.

The DA has since suspended Gouws from all party activities pending the hearing.

He has apologised for those videos, claiming that he made them when he was young and did not know better.

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