President Jacob Zuma anonounces members of his new cabinet at the GCIS building in Pretoria, 25 May 2014. Picture: Phill Magakoe

Cape Town - President Jacob Zuma is set to deliver his State of the Nation address on Tuesday night, so we asked IOL readers on Facebook what they would like him to say.

Many addressed speculation about the president being sick after he took a week off to recover from a demanding schedule. Many comments called for the president to announce his resignation.

Facebook reader Tshiamo Justice Boipuso wants Zuma to say: “As you all know, I have not been well before and after the elections. Doctors ordered me to rest but I still have some issues to with and I can't just sit and sleep though I can feel that I am tired. Therefore..and in the best interest of this country and its people, I hereby resign as the president of South Africa.”

The other overwhelming theme was jobs and salary disputes.

Patricia Mashilo said: “The issue of unemployment graduates. We need jobs, internships or scholarship 2 study overseas.”

Another comment by Juluka Chauke said: “i wish he can adres the tourism industry. because is one unfair sector which generates lots of income. we have seen the number of visitors to our country increase yearly hence wokers ar still exploited, paind unjust wages and the long hours they invest without proper compesation.”

Simo Mawawa Ndyoko hoped Zuma would come up with a resolution on the Department of Correctional Services: “on all the outstanding issues back pay of week ends,OSD phase 2,promotion policy and all our money to be paid out.”

Buddy Les said Zuma should announce that he is cancelling labour brokers with immediate effect.

Stya Dikela Mafilika says Zuma must establish a new ministry for “36-59 years unemployed people, those now qualifying for child grant, too old for youth sector, too young for senior citizen grant, not physical challenge but fit for work.”

Unathi Mntuyedwa had a laundry list of topics Zuma should address: “Jobs for youth, cripling and poor education system,try and tackle issues like growing satanism and muti killings that has been realy overlooked in our society,service delivery,poverty elievation,human settlement, land distribution issues and way forward in mining.”

Khayo Zuma Hugo expects Zuma “to tackle critical issues such as service delivery strikes which I believe is caused by lack of accountability from local government. Things such as an increase in the number of graduate who can't find jobs, which is caused by the absence of work experience obviously. I wish him all the best on his 5 years term. Together indeed the South Africa will be movedforward.”

Martin Shabalala: “He should open his speech about the land issue that has been sweet under the carpet for twenty years.”


Walter Bakker hoped Zuma would say: “Beloved South Africans. We screwed up big time but from here on we will listen to you and all the political parties in the land. I call for a great Indaba for us all to work this out together.”

Corruption was also a hot topic. Zukiswa Solani-Ntshinga says Zuma should tell his cabinet “not to use countries funds for fun,and also improve government services and to enforce laws& regulations to be implemented firm!

“Provide govnment Hospitals with equipment,medication, well trained &selfless,committed,Nurses& general cleaners who really keen to serve South Africans!”


Robin Candy says he would like Zuma “to mean what he says and to hold people accountable for poor service delivery and corruption. It's called good governance.”

Norman Motlhabani said: “He must tell SA where is the housing subsidy he promised citizens who cannot afford mortgage and don't qualify for RDP house. He promised about 3 years ago, I stand to be corrected.”

An optimistic Brett Heyns said: “Open the internet and free internet for schools, libraries, community centers etc. The free computers will follow!”

On a lighter note Ellec Modise said Zuma should announce a Parliament dress code: “no more waterboots,makarapa&overhauls lol.” - IOL