Former ANCYL president Julius Malema. Picture: Matthews Baloyi
Former ANCYL president Julius Malema. Picture: Matthews Baloyi

What Malema said

By Piet Mahasha Rampedi Time of article published Jun 11, 2013

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Johannesburg - In a no-holds-barred interview, Julius Malema speaks to The Star’s Piet Rampedi about his proposed new party, the state of the ANC, the government and politics in general.

On his plans to form a new party:

We need proper consultation among the forces of change and economic freedom fighters, from the radicals and militants. We need to decide what steps to take.

On the disbandment of ANCYL regions and provinces:

Those comrades grew up in the ANC, and this is how the movement thanks them? When you disband them at this early age you are destroying them.

Why the ANCYL was targeted:

One of the rich guys in Stellenbosch said the youth league was like an irritating mosquito inside a tent and it needed a doom, and the movement became that doom.

On the need for a youth-led revolution:

The youth must confront them. The youth must say to them enough is enough … We can’t tolerate dictatorship tendencies.

On his legal troubles and seizure of his assets:

Today, some of us are being dealt with through abuse of state institutions. Because you’ve got a different view, you must be destroyed. The ANC and government are led by the most corrupt and they want to create the impression that others are the ones who are corrupt … There is going to be some micro-managed investigation which will clear them.

President Zuma’s post-Mangaung leadership:

After all that he did before Mangaung, purging people and expelling others, why is he still dividing the organisation and purging people after Mangaung? Why is he still behaving as if we are going to another conference?

On the ANC-led tripartite alliance:

Let them eat each other. They are not going anywhere. After destroying the youth league, they are destroying Cosatu. Everything they touch becomes a mess.

On the ANCYL’s R21m debt:

The debt we inherited at the Mangaung conference, we were told that everything was paid for. We organised the second leg of the conference and there were no issues. The 2008 debt was as a result of the conference being extended by two days, which was not budgeted for.

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