The EFF’s Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi. File picture: Thobile Mathonsi/ANA Pictures

Pretoria - The EFF’s Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has refused to carry boxes containing CVs into Parliament when support staff are available to do this job.

But his attempts to persuade other MPs to refuse to carry boxes fell on deaf ears.

“We must be taken seriously,” he said. “We are honourable members. These things must be delivered to our offices,” he said after committee chairperson Humphrey Maxegwana had asked MPs to take the five boxes each with them when they left the meeting. 

The committee had just finished shortlisting 36 candidates from a list of 363 names of people who applied to serve on the SABC board.

The meeting was scheduled to run from 9:30am until 8pm, but it finished at around 3pm.

Maxegwana could not hide his delight that the committee had finished its work for the day in time to table its report to the plenary of the National Assembly, which was already under way.

He said it was unfortunate that they had not had time to consider the CVs of people who had applied to serve on the board of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa.

The committee will meet on Friday to shortlist the candidates to be interviewed.

At this point he asked the MPs to take the boxes with them - and Ndlozi complained. “I don’t like this. I have two boxes here. We are dealing with SABC shortlisting, and you come and bring five more things."

“Can we be taken seriously? I am not going to carry these CVs. The directive must be that they must be delivered to our offices,” Ndlozi said.

He repeated that they were “honourable” and deserved to be taken seriously before stating that Parliament’s support staff were there to make their life easier.

None of the MPs sided with him.

Even members from the DA, Phumzile van Damme and Gavin Davis, whose party is in coalition with the Red Berets in some metros carried their own boxes.

Maxegwana did not show any sympathy to Ndlozi.

He told him none of Parliament’s support staff were there to take the boxes to their offices.

“For now you won’t get anybody to do that."

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