President Jacob Zuma, Picture: Sumaya Hisham/EPA
Cape Town - President Jacob Zuma is tired of being insulted and humiliated in Parliament.

He is going to write a letter to National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete, so she can put a stop to it.

Speaking to community radio listeners, he said other African leaders were shocked by the behaviour of MPs in the House.

“I meet heads of state in Africa who look at our television. They ask what is happening to you guys. We are learning from South Africa. We are even learning how you are dealing with democracy. How could you fail us the way you do?”

He criticised the EFF and said he didn’t understand why people voted for it.

“If a party stands in Parliament to deprive people to get a report from the president, [this] is wrong. It suggests that that party does not know why it is in Parliament. It does not even understand why people voted for them. Parliament belongs to the people, you can’t disrupt Parliament.”

“I don’t think they should have allowed a party to come and disrupt the decorum of Parliament. It is clear now that they come wearing hard helmets to hit security [personnel] in Parliament.

“I think those are matters we have to look at. Members of Parliament are sent by people so that people are able through them to get an account done by the executive.”

Zuma said he would raise his issues with Mbete “in some detail”.

“What has been allowed to continue in Parliament should not have been allowed Parliament must do something about it. It is not helping, it is not giving a good picture to other countries.”