President Jacob Zuma File photo: Nic Bothma / EPA
President Jacob Zuma has promised to crack down on crime saying he has asked his security cluster ministers to change the laws and protect victims of crime.

Zuma told the National House of Traditional Leaders in Parliament yesterday that currently the laws favoured criminals and not giving sufficient protection to the victims.

He said in his visits to the communities across country people have complained about crime. He added that they would not allow people to be held hostage by criminals in their own country. Ministers in the security cluster will to- morrow brief the media on their plans to fight crime.

Zuma also told traditional leaders that in his visits to Nyanga, Cape Town, and Soshanguve, Pretoria, he was told by police officers that they arrest criminals but they get released on bail. He was seriously considering tabling laws that would make it tough for criminals to be released.

“Crime is serious and we must work together to eradicate it. Our people cannot coexist with crime, drug-trafficking, hijackings, robbery, rape and all other horrible crime. Let us refuse to tolerate crime. We have tolerated it for too long,” said Zuma. 

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