Guests look on as Zuma delivers his speech.

Pretoria - In his first address to the nation after taking the oath, President Jacob Zuma said his second term was the beginning of the second phase in the transition from Apartheid.

Zuma said last year government did a review on the state of the country and found that though most lives had improved, millions more were still unemployed and living in poverty.

To remedy the situation, he said in the next five years of his term, government would put in place radical transformation policies.

“we will move more into industrialisation and strengthening the role of the state in the economy,” he said.

He said government would also concentrate on better execution of land restitution and job employment especially for the youth.

“To achieve this, the performance of he state has to improve. We have to eradicate corruption and inefficiencies in the public service. The road ahead is long and hard but we are determined to succeed,” Zuma said.

He said he accepted to lead South Africa in the next five years with humility. - Pretoria News Weekend