dog fighting story and pics received from the SPCA. They are of recently held dog fights and obtained via the SPCA's various national intelligence sources.

Pretoria - Six severely injured dogs were seized from a dog-fighting syndicate in Pretoria on Thursday, said the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

“Police arrested eight people after the SPCA swooped on a dog-fighting syndicate in Atteridgeville in the early hours of Thursday,” said spokeswoman Este Kotze.

Two dogs were removed from the same premises last Monday, she said.

“The SPCA is in possession of footage that shows a dog used to train other dogs to fight,” Kotze said.

“Her mouth was tied with duct tape and she was chained so there was no escape or defence against the dogs which set upon her in frenzied attacks.” She said the footage showed the dog dying.

Kotze said cruelty charges had been laid at the Atteridgeville police station.