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Professor branded 'abhorrent' and transphobic for saying only women menstruate

By Martin Beckford Time of article published Mar 8, 2020

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Students have accused a lecturer of ‘abhorrent bigotry’ for stating only women have periods.

Dr Eva Poen, who teaches economics at Exeter University, became the latest academic to face allegations of ‘transphobia’ after replying to a transgender man who had called for a fitness app to abandon the term ‘female health’ and replace it with ‘menstrual health’ instead.

Writing on Twitter, Dr Poen said: "Only female people menstruate. Only female people go through the menopause. Female health is exactly what this is about." In another post, she declared: "A woman is an adult human female. Humans can’t change sex."

Her comments initially passed unnoticed, but screenshots were last week shared by a student.

In a message that was apparently directed at the university authorities, the Exeter student wrote: "I recently have been made aware of one of your lecturers holding abhorrent beliefs towards a marginalised group, namely transgender people. "Please be seen to take action against her bigotry."

When the student faced criticism, she replied: "I don’t want Eva to be fired... My goal is for her to stop spreading vitriol."

Another student asked others to report Dr Poen to Twitter and a Student Union representative defended the academic’s critics.

Last night Dr Poen said: "The accusations against me are completely false.

"There is an important debate to be had about sex and gender; we ought to have this in a rigorous, robust, but also respectful manner."

Exeter University declined to comment on her case, but said: "We support free speech within the law and expect people to conduct any debate with courtesy and respect for all."

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