Protesters blocked roads leading out of Lenasia in Johannesburg with rocks littering roads in the area. Photo: Sapa

Johannesburg - Protesters blocked roads leading out of Lenasia, south-west of Johannesburg, on Monday morning, with rocks littering roads in the area.

Metro police Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said the protest was affecting traffic on the Golden Highway and Wimbledon Road.

“There are rocks on the road and traffic is being diverted at Provincial Road. The reason for the protest is unknown at this stage,” he said.

A Sapa journalist on the scene said roads leading into and out of Lenasia had been blocked off by the protesters. People wanting to go to work were looking for a way to leave the area.

Minnaar could not comment on the reason for the protest but residents were told it was about service delivery. A pamphlet was apparently handed out by taxi drivers on Friday indicating there would be a protest on Monday,

Only taxis were being allowed in and out the area.

Last week Monday, protesters in Ennerdale, near Lenasia, stoned cars, with Provincial and James roads affected.

At the time, it was believed the protests were about housing issues. - Sapa