London - A family of wild rabbits has managed to do what top-of-the-range metal detectors and highly-trained archaeologists failed to do — dig up a trove of 8,000-year-old buried treasure.

The rabbits uncovered a ‘gold mine’ that included arrow heads, flint tools and animal hide scrapers dating back to the Stone Age.

They also unearthed a Neolithic cemetery, Bronze Age burial mounds and an Iron Age hill fort.

The rabbits managed to dig two burrows next to each other, dragging a few of the priceless artefacts to the surface as they did so.

Now the animals have done the hard work, a team of (human) researchers will spend the next two years excavating the 150-acre site at Land’s End, Cornwall.

It is believed the remains of important local people were buried there because of the fantastic views over the sea.

Archaeologist Dean Paton said: ‘A family of rabbits has just rewritten the history books.’ - Daily Mail