Cape Town 23-11 14 -Delia Adonis who was beaten outside a night club in Claremont with her son Tesh-Lee in her home in MAnenberg .   Picture Brenton Geach
Cape Town 23-11 14 -Delia Adonis who was beaten outside a night club in Claremont with her son Tesh-Lee in her home in MAnenberg . Picture Brenton Geach

‘Racist attack’ charges withdrawn

By Kieran Legg Time of article published Jun 29, 2015

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Cape Town - Delia Adonis has spent the weekend in tears after charges against three men, who she claimed had assaulted her during a racist attack, were withdrawn on Thursday.

It’s a bitter end to a trial almost a year in the making for the Cape Town cleaner who feels she has been denied justice.

Constable Andy Hendricks will learn his fate on Monday after he was arrested last year for allegedly accepting a bribe from one of the accused, Chad de Matos.

Police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel André Traut said the internal disciplinary hearing against Hendricks will conclude on Monday.

“The outcome thereof will be a matter between the employer and the employee. The criminal aspect of the case is still being heard in court.”

Hendricks allegedly accepted the bribe and promised to make the matter against De Matos and his co-accused “disappear”.

William Booth, the attorney who represented the three men in this case, said evidence showed that Adonis, 52, had fabricated “material aspects” involving his clients.


He said his clients had been wrongfully accused after it was, in fact, Adonis and her son who had instigated the attack.


The case first came to light last year when De Matos, 19, Aaron Mack, 20, and Mitchell Turner, 20, were arrested for allegedly beating the cleaner.

Adonis works at Stadium on Main in Claremont and was outside the building on the night of October 17. She spotted the trio exiting Tiger Tiger nightclub. She told the Cape Argus that they had started attacking one of the other clubgoers.

She said she called for help, taking local police to the victim of the beating.

When she went to a nearby parking lot to light a cigarette, she said she was approached by the three men who she claimed began kicking and punching her while dishing out racial slurs.

Her son, Tesh-Lee Adonis, said he had seen what was happening and rushed to help her, chasing away the attackers.

Prosecutor Nathan Johnson likened the trio to the Waterkloof Four, who were convicted of murder of an unidentified vagrant in Pretoria’s Moreleta Park in 2001.

But on Thursday, during a court appearance at Wynberg Magistrate’s Court, the Director of Public Prosecutions Office revealed that the charges against De Matos and company had been withdrawn.

This was after Booth submitted a docket, which included evidence collected by a private detective, to the office of the director. In it, it was revealed that a number of independent witnesses had “directly contradicted the evidence of Adonis and her son”.

“Adonis and her son were in fact the instigators as they were responsible for the attack. Adonis’s son was armed with a broken bottle and she with a broom,” Booth said.

Adonis said she wasn’t even aware that the three had appeared in court.

“If we started this, why am I the one who was hurt?”

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