A screengrab from eNews of Vicki Momberg's rant.

Johannesburg - When estate agent Vicki Momberg called 10111 after falling victim to a smash and grab incident, she called the black police officer on the line a “f****ng k****r” without any provocation.

She then called the second police officer she spoke to a “f****ng bitch”.

The third officer at 10111 was not spared the profanities either as Momberg told him that he was useless and stupid and also told him that he was a k****r.

This is according to the charge sheet that was presented in court for Momberg's crimen injuria case.

When she was first arrested, Momberg faced only one charge of crimen injuria over what she was heard saying on the video that had gone viral.

However, on Monday at the Randburg Magistrates's Court, prosecutor Yusuf Baba handed in a charge sheet with three more charges. According to the charge sheet, these relate to Momberg's conduct at the time that she called the police helpline after the smash and grab on February 3 in Johannesburg.

Momberg's lawyer Nardus Grove told the court that his client intends to negotiate a plea and sentence with the State but that they were waiting for an expert report from a psychologist.

Baba then said the matter should be provisionally postponed to a later date when all the aspects of the plea and sentence would have been sorted out. However, a squabble ensured when Grove asked for a longer postponement, saying he has a matter at the high court soon and has to travel abroad on Friday.

He suggested that the matter be postponed until November, but Baba would have none of that.

“I object, that's too long,” he said. Baba also said the matter was initially placed on the roll in July and that it’s now September.

“It's unfair to request such a long postponement so that the defence can get a report.”

Grove made it clear to the defence that he had made in depth research on this case to be able to continue on the given date.

“I know where I'm going with this case; we know where we are going with the matter. I'm ready; there will be no further delay from my side to make a decision on this matter,” he said.

The magistrate then ordered the defence to submit the expert report and plea agreement to the State on October 10 for the senior public prosecutor's decision. Sshe then postponed the matter to October 18.

Baba also told the court that if the defence and the State fail to reach an agreement on the plea and sentence, the matter will go to trial.

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