Road rage turns deadly at petrol station

By Murray Williams and Natasha Bezuidenhout Time of article published Sep 3, 2014

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Cape Town - Stunned staff at a Cape Town petrol station watched a young motorist being stabbed by a taxi driver and then drop bleeding onto the forecourt. The man died after being taken away by ambulance.

The road-rage incident unfolded at the Caltex garage on the corner of Koeberg and Blaauwberg roads in Milnerton at about 1.30pm on Tuesday.

Police said the Milnerton SAPS opened a murder case on Tuesday after a man was stabbed in their area. He died at 2.50pm.

The taxi driver was later arrested.

The garage has 27 security cameras and the attack was captured on CCTV.

Footage shows the motorist opening the passenger door of the taxi and getting into the vehicle, apparently to continue an argument over a parking problem and reappearing with the upper right side of his T-shirt covered in blood.

Margaret Everett, a co-owner of the station, told the Cape Argus: “A taxi driver had parked his vehicle outside the shop – not leaving enough space for cars to pass, not even a little car.

“When the taxi driver came out of the shop, a young man parked behind him began having words with him.

“The taxi driver returned to his vehicle and got into the driver’s seat. The young man then did a very foolish thing – he got into the passenger seat of the taxi and continued remonstrating with the driver.

“The taxi driver took a large knife and stabbed the young man in the neck… He got out, walked two or three feet and collapsed on to the forecourt,” Everett said.

“The taxi driver leapt out of his taxi, came around the front of his vehicle, saw what he’d done, and then left.

“He was unconscious in a very short time,” Everett said of the young motorist. “One of our managers has just completed his updated first-aid course and he tried to stem the bleeding.

“He was bleeding to death on the driveway – we were phoning ambulances all over the place but the first ambulance only arrived after about an hour. When they left with him, he had only a very faint pulse.”

They were later told the man had died.

“Our staff are very traumatised. I couldn’t sleep all night,” Everett said.

The victim has been identified on the Facebook page Table View Ratepayers Association as Greg Patterson.

His friend Robert Karlsson wrote about his shock and anger.

“My friend was stabbed to death today by a taxi driver at the Caltex garage opposite the old Killarney Hotel.

“I can’t believe this, this country is gone - I am so angry!”

He added: “I feel so hopeless. I want to do something but what?”

Karlsson wrote that the taxi driver had allegedly parked Patterson in at the Caltex garage at the intersection of Blaauwberg and Koeberg roads.

“The man had just got his life together the last year, he was a father and had a partner, hope this hits home to all the people who worry about stupid things.”

Resident Nikki Pike wrote on Facebook: “Sorry to hear about your loss! That is very sad and disturbing as many of us use that road and service station.”

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